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1-5 | Review and Set up Forms

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1-4 | Setting Up Users & Roles

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1-3 | Updating Password

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Module 1 | Account Activation

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1-2 | Logging In & Logging Out

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Customer Success Story: Efficiency, Engagement and Collaboration

Betty Murray CN, IFMCP, CHC is the Founder and CEO of a busy Functional Medicine practice - The Living Well Health and Wellness Center in Dallas, TX. The center started on a foundation of Functional Nutrition and over the years has evolved into a multi-disciplinary center with physicians, nutritionists, counselors and health coaches all working together. The practice has 2 fully certified functional medicine practitioners, Betty Murray, and Suzanne Mack MD and provides a unique and comprehensive approach for patients with continuity of care regardless of which practitioner they see first.


Federal Way, WA, Tuesday, May 26 — The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) announced today its collaboration with the Richmond, VA-based health information technology firm, LivingMatrix, to create a web application that will automate the formerly paper-based process of new patient intake and the creation of the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix. Working to find [...]

Customer Success Story: Transform Your Practice – Without Breaking the Bank

Tamika Henry, MD is the founder of the Unlimited Health Institute in Glendale, California. She launched her Functional Medicine practice recently after a transition process that is 3 years in the making. Tamika practiced Geriatric Medicine for over 14 years and found herself increasingly disenchanted with reactive medicine and not being able to proactively impact the health of her elderly patients. Around the same time she noted that family members in an attempt to stay healthy were seeking advice and often taking supplements or getting nutrition advice from someone who worked at a local organic store, but without an understanding of the science behind it. Her exploration around finding the root cause of medical issues led her to the Institute of Functional Medicine and she has been attending the IFM training modules with the long-term goal of getting certified.