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jA Timeline of Our Own

Before starting LivingMatrix, I spent a significant amount of time, talking with Functional Medicine practitioners like you about  what keeps you up at night.

What struck me the most was the concern that many of you expressed as well as the time and expense spent on learning the Functional Medicine methodology, understanding the underlying science, and exploring first-hand the available diagnostics and therapeutic options. You care deeply about helping your patients. What you find most gratifying is establishing that therapeutic relationship and working closely with each patient to do the detective work together to then effectively guide them through the healing process.

While delivering great outcomes is paramount, I heard you express concerns about the time it was taking to achieve these results and how there was a significant dependency on the level of engagement of the patient. Getting the patient to understand the underlying issues, to take action and as they felt better and to appreciate how far they had come were challenges discussed by so many of you.

What was also apparent was the inadequacy of the technology available at the time. You expressed needing help efficiently managing the significant quantity of data and information collected. You loved the idea of having ways to visually interact with patients so they could get a better grasp of their underlying issues, and, at the same time, give you solutions to scale your practice and effectively track patient outcomes. This is what we set out to build.

LivingMatrix is purpose-built leading Functional Medicine technology to empower positive, life-changing outcomes for Functional Medicine patients. Gratifyingly,  practitioners on our platform who utilize the full breadth of the application and services have been able to harness the fast-paced demand for Functional Medicine, significantly growing and scaling their practices in a short period of time.

The LivingMatrix platform is designed by clinicians in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the global leader in Functional Medicine education, so that you can effectively evaluate patients, create personalized, actionable care plans, and track superior, life-changing health outcomes over time.  Read some of their stories here.

We recently deepened our commitment to building Functional Medicine outcomes and expanding the evidence base by launching the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network (LM-PRN). See the press release here.

In my travels and conversations with practitioners, the one thing I am struck by is how passionate we all are about Functional Medicine, and it was my passion led me to build LivingMatrix. Please join me, along with the LivingMatrix community of practitioners, on our journey to create robust, successful practices, focused on superior outcomes for patients while contributing to building the evidence base for Functional Medicine.


Founder and CEO, LivingMatrix

“LivingMatrix exemplifies how creative innovators, who understand both Functional Medicine and the needs of today’s practitioners, can build something exciting to engage patients in telling a complete and clear story of their health history.”

Laurie Hofmann, MPH
Board Chair, The Institute For Functional Medicine