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Atrium Innovations to Further Scale the Future of Personalized Nutrition with the Acquisition of LivingMatrix™

Published Jan 03, 2020

SUDBURY, Mass., Jan. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Atrium Innovations, a globally-recognized leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative, science-based nutritional health products, takes the next step in the company’s mission to expand into personalized nutrition with the acquisition of San Francisco-based

LivingMatrix™. LivingMatrix, a technology-based, data and algorithm-driven personalized functional medicine platform, was designed by clinicians to help practitioners effectively evaluate and engage patients, create personalized, actionable care plans and track patient health outcomes.

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The Promise of PROMIS: Practitioners Help Build the Functional Medicine Evidence Base

Published September 11, 2019

With an end goal to keep fabricating the Functional Medicine proof base, one of IFM’s long haul key objectives are to catalyze and encourage investigation into the adequacy, just as the cost-viability, of the Functional Medicine (FM) model.

One of the boundaries to this work has consistently been simply the idea of Functional Medicine: an entire individual, frameworks science-based model does not the loan itself well to contemplate in randomized controlled preliminaries (RCTs), in which just single intercessions are under investigation.

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Digital Health Tools and the Importance of Changing Healthcare
Podcast: Priya Kamani MD interviewed by Host by Dr. John Troup, Wholistic Matters

Published December 21, 2018

Priya Kamani is the founder and CEO of LivingMatrix, a digital platform founded in 2014 that helps manage functional medicine practices and programs to help healthcare practitioners facilitate the delivery of their specialization.

It’s rare to find a physician running an entrepreneurial start-up while simultaneously being committed to improving clinical platforms, but Dr. Kamani is doing it. After working in clinical care for several years, she became frustrated with the “system,” and looked to the world of technology to improve digital delivery of healthcare.

Listen to this podcast to hear more about Dr. Kamani’s personal experience with functional medicine, empowering physicians with digital healthcare, and using data to improve clinical care.

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A Common Link Discovered in Patients with Depression and Anxiety May Surprise You

Published September 3, 2018

Originally published by EmaxHealth

Kaitlin Covel discusses the research findings from a collaboration between Dr. Sam Yanuck (CEO of Cogence Immunology), Dr. Nathan Morris (CEO of GoodMedicine), and LivingMatrix.

Data from functional medicine practices indicates that 60% of autoimmune patients report anxiety and almost half report depression. Compared to patients without an autoimmune disease, these percentages are almost double the rates of anxiety and depression.

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Let’s Get Healthy Radio

Broadcast August 25, 2018

Dr. Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO of LivingMatrix, talks about the differences in men and women when it comes to mental health, and Agatha Noveille, author of The Complete Guide to Adaptogens, talks about how Herbalism helps everyday health. LISTEN NOW.


250+ Telehealth Companies to Know | 2018

Published August 20, 2018

Originally published by Becker’s Hospital Review

The telehealth companies featured on this list range from video conferencing and connection to wearable data gathering and reporting technologies and platforms.

LivingMatrix (San Francisco). LivingMatrix is a technology-based, data- and algorithm-driven functional medicine platform designed by clinicians to help practitioners evaluate patients and create personalized, actionable care plans. With experience on 30,000 cases, the platform also tracks health outcomes over time.

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Leadership Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Culture

Published August 7, 2018

Priya Kamani talks with Krish Chopra about workplace pressure, bad bosses and the millennial mindset.

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Create a culture of innovation above all else. When you’re forging a new path you have to be willing to fail, try new things and be open to new ideas from all sources, especially from team members who are in the trenches and have a pulse on the customer. You never know where the next brilliant idea will come from, and if you’re not actively soliciting ideas from all levels and listening you’ll miss the gems.

-Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO, LivingMatrix


Priya Kamani Chats with Inc.

Published June 27, 2018

LivingMatrix Founder and CEO Priya Kamani shares her recent inspiration.

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There are very few books I reread for pleasure, but Steingarten’s book is pure joy. I heartily relate to his intense compulsion and scientific curiosity behind each dish he encounters. One of the best chapters is about the lobster roll–primarily, the role of the lobster in that sandwich from conception through molting through its final moments of life. Tacos, baguettes, turducken, you name it. He answers questions about our food we would not think to ask, yet are inextricably linked to health and humanity.

-Priya Kamani, M.D., founder and CEO, LivingMatrix


Depressed Due to Chronic Pain? Here’s How Functional Medicine Can Help You!

Published June 26, 2018

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Depression may be linked to genetics and stressful events in our lives like grief may trigger depression. Sometimes depression can be a side-effect of medications or may be caused by an underlying chronic health condition. LivingMatrix found that in a subset of people body inflammation can drive neuroinflammation and lead to anxiety and depression. That means that even a person who doesn’t subscribe to having moods or effects related to a stressful life can have their anxiety or depression driven purely by physical mechanisms involving inflammation.

-Priya Kamani, M.D., founder and CEO, LivingMatrix


Q&A: New Technology for Healthcare Assessments 

Published June 25, 2018

Doctor Priya Kamani’s company LivingMatrix recently introduced a clinician-designed functional medicine platform that has been developed with over 600 licensed doctors and practitioners in eighteen countries. She discusses the challenges.

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We’re building a visual language for health. Visual patterns graphs and sequential tracking of MSQs and PROMIS Global Health scores provide a comprehensive picture of patient’s health and trajectory. Tools like the Timeline and the Functional Medicine Matrix engage the patient in the process and help them get to the “Aha” moment of when their symptoms began. Clusters of symptoms appear, and patterns reveal themselves in the graphics. These are the basis for a meaningful conversation with the patient and medical detective work – to find the triggers. This is an important process when the average chronic patient has 30 symptoms.

-Priya Kamani, M.D., founder and CEO, LivingMatrix

Priya Kamani on Men's Mental Health

Priya Kamani on Men’s Mental Health with My Intriguing Insights

Published June 20, 2018

For Men’s Health Month, LivingMatrix Founder and CEO Dr. Priya Kamani discusses how males are impacted by depression and anxiety.

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The Functional Medicine evaluation is a comprehensive, whole-person view into what may be going on.  The Functional Medicine practitioner will use this comprehensive look to work jointly with the patient to identify the underlying triggers and issues. They may also perform lab tests to delineate the root cause further and will work in partnership with the patient to create a Functional Medicine prescription that includes lifestyle interventions, like improving sleep hygiene or stress reduction techniques, which have been shown to be effective in improving symptoms.

-Priya Kamani, M.D., founder and CEO, LivingMatrix


LivingMatrix Launches Practitioner Research Network to Expand and Advance Published Evidence Base for Functional Medicine


Cloud-based Health Information Technology Company Launches Preeminent Research Network in the Field of Personalized and Functional Medicine

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This is a critical moment for functional medicine, as our innovators and thought leaders work to shape healthcare in the United States and around the world. It is essential to strengthen and grow the evidence base to demonstrate the effectiveness of functional medicine in identifying and treating the root cause of chronic conditions and diseases. Proving both the clinical and economic value for patients is also critical.

-Amy R. Mack, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)


Priya Kamani in Inc. Magazine

Published May 15, 2018

LivingMatrix Founder and CEO Priya Kamani shares her recent inspiration.

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It hooked me in its effort to answer one single question: ‘Why does my foot hurt?’ The path to that answer, like all health-related journeys, combines the physical, mental, spiritual and cultural realms. For me, it was less about the activity of running and more of an organic odyssey about overcoming perceived limitations and self-imposed barriers to tap into your inner super-human.”

-Priya Kamani, M.D., founder and CEO of LivingMatrix


The Digital Future Of The Functional-Medicine Timeline And Matrix

Published March 23, 2016

Functional-medicine practitioners have described the timeline and matrix as “invaluable” for developing individualized treatment plans. At a glance, these documents enable a physician to see how a patient’s disparate symptoms connect, how they reflect issues within broader physiological systems, and how two patients with the same diagnosis might be served by entirely different treatments.

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This is how it works: Before their first appointment with a functional-medicine practitioner, patients receive an invitation to fill out an online health questionnaire. The cloud-based software then automatically maps the information into the timeline and matrix. This enables the doctor to review the patient’s answers and meet him at the first appointment with the beginnings of fully populated documents in hand, prepared to dive deeper into his health issues and discuss individualized treatment approaches.


The Institute For Functional Medicine Multiplies Practitioner Efficiency Through New Collaboration With LivingMatrix

Published May 26, 2015

The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) announced today its collaboration with the Richmond, VA-based health information technology firm, LivingMatrix, to create a web application that will automate the formerly paper-based process of new patient intake and the creation of the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix.

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of a remarkable application that helps integrate core IFM tools such as the Timeline and Matrix into the Functional Medicine Operating System in a unique and user-friendly way. The LivingMatrix application exemplifies how creative innovators who understand both Functional Medicine and the needs of today’s practitioners can build something exciting to engage patients in telling a complete and clear story of their health history. Designed to assist with the intake process and to improve the organization and interpretation of patient data, the LivingMatrix is the kind of tool that can help to streamline clinical practice and advance the adoption of Functional Medicine throughout the healthcare community.

-Laurie Hofmann, MPH, CEO, Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

“The LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network is the advancement that the entire functional medicine industry has been waiting on for years and years.”

Tom Blue
Director of Industry Strategy, Institute for Functional Medicine
Co-founder, LivingMatrix