One of the Fastest Growing Functional Medicine Organizations

Designed by clinicians, the LivingMatrix platform is used by over 600 functional medicine practitioners in eighteen countries with experience spanning over 30,000 cases.

Executive Leadership

Priya Kamani, MD

Priya Kamani, MD

Founder and CEO


Tom Blue

Founder and Head of Business Development

Priya Kamani, MD

Khushwant (Khush) Singh

Chief Technology Officer

ash gaur

Ashutosh (Ash) Gaur

Chief Product Officer

Priya Kamani, MD

Yatin Mody

Chief Financial Officer

Priya Kamani, MD

Sue Ackerman

Vice President of Operations

Platform Expertise

LivingMatrix platform experts are dedicated to helping you grow your practice with our technology. Consult with them 1:1 to find out if LivingMatrix is right for your practice.


Shelley Banyay

Customer Advocate


Adriana Burruel

Customer Success


Kelly Rickaby

Products and Services


Kathy Haller



Jill Bretcher

Conference Coordination


Tom Aarts

Co-Founder, Nutrition Business Journal

Nathan Morris, MD

CEO, Good Medicine

P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP

Medical Director Stone Medical; Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine

Sonja Horner

Founder, LivingMatrix
CEO, Lead Health

“Anyone who is looking to find data management solution ought to consider working with LivingMatrix, not only for all the technical reasons I just mentioned, but because this a company that has heart behind it. They truly care about transforming medicine and improving patient care.”

Beth Lambert
Founder and Executive Director, Epidemic Answers
Executive Producer, Documenting Hope