Building Patient Rapport


dr-nathan-morrisDr.  Nathan Morris, MD and Advanced Functional Medicine Practitioner, and Kara Ware, Clinical Coordinator and Functional Medicine Health Coach, discuss their practice, Good Medicine, in Oxford, Ohio, and using LivingMatrix for building patient rapport and trust.

What we love about our work

Good Medicine, is a functional medicine practice built on the belief that medicine should be focused on identifying and repairing the cause of diseases, rather than just treating the symptoms. If your sink is overflowing, which is better? A plumber or a mop salesman? In the same way, functional medicine strives to be the plumber and fix the sink rather than making money from selling mops.

We love working with patients living with complicated chronic conditions to find the underlying cause of diseases and what the body is trying to tell us. The origin of this practice was to create an environment of healing. This environment of healing involves hearing patients who need help understanding how all of their symptoms connect.

Positive patient outcomes

Our functional medicine practice has been working with LivingMatrix since August of 2015, and Good Medicine was in the first wave of adopters for LivingMatrix. We saw very early how this was a unique model of engagement that would support building patient rapport and trust, which is an essential part of achieving great health outcomes.

The Timeline has been a fantastic tool to help patients see their symptoms did not appear “out of nowhere”. It helps them visually embrace that their ATM’s have accumulated over time to set the stage for their unique symptom sets. Therefore, this tool has helped patients become partners in their long term healing rather than continuing to chase short term gains, building patient rapport. 

Creating new profiles for our patients help us to collect the data and review with the patient their progress. Many patients can experience tunnel vision, thinking that they have not improved because so many symptoms still exist. However, when the new profile begins to show some end dates to symptoms, they are reminded they are very much experiencing success and their efforts have been worthwhile. The patient feels motivated to continue living their care plan.

The Functional Medicine Prescription is a beautiful feature to print out and provide the patients their comprehensive, personalized care plan. The ease of selecting and attaching the appropriate IFM education tools to their journal is a dream. Our functional medicine practice also uses the Self-Registration link which we love so the patient is responsible for their account and completing their forms.

LivingMatrix has significantly expedited the understanding of the underlying root causes of the patient’s symptoms. We’re able to ask more pointed questions based on the patient timeline to have a better understanding what was happening during certain time frames of an increase in symptoms. It jogs the patient’s memory and they share more influencing factors whereas before they may have discounted the relevance. This has been an invaluable tool to bring more of the patient’s story to the surface in the first appointment.

Without LivingMatrix, we would not hear the entire patient health story. The gaps in a patient’s history made my work at connecting the dots much more difficult and therefore my treatment protocols took longer to get to the root of the matter due to missing health history.

Practitioner success

LivingMatrix has helped us to better hear the patient’s story and then tell it back to them in a way they can understand why they have their symptoms and what their symptoms are communicating to them. This builds patient rapport, and it is inspiring for the patient to understand, just like how ATM’s brought them to their symptoms, we can intelligently layer interventions to work in combination to remove the burden from their organs, bio-chemical and genetic pathways to restore their health and vitality.

This mindset has been a paradox in our practice. It has expedited patient’s healing because they have truly grasped the importance of partnering together. They better understand why they are choosing non-inflammatory foods, and why they are taking their supplements and begin to believe in their care plan which creates loyal patients who are doing their part so our medical piece can be successful.


  • The intake process has become much more streamlined
  • Our functional medicine practice staff is thankful for the reduced paperwork for each patient
  • Our supplement orders have increased since patient’s have a better understanding of why they are taking their supplements
  • The team at LivingMatrix is incredibly responsive
  • Each team member of LivingMatrix helps us review and improve our clinic model and more efficiently rely on technology to improve the patient experience

LivingMatrix has streamlined our new patient program where everyone benefits. I benefit, my staff benefits and the patient benefits so the entire functional medicine practice benefits.

The value of LivingMatrix

We  measure the value by how well prepared we feel for my new patient appointments. Being more prepared helps us to be much more present with patients. We’re not as busy taking notes but rather looking at them, connecting with them, building patient rapport and trust with them and creating the therapeutic partnership necessary to practice Functional Medicine successfully.

The future of Functional Medicine

LivingMatrix’s mission of collecting the data to help Functional Medicine become evidence based and to prove correlations between the genes, gut and the environment is very attractive to us as a provider. We are very interested in participating in research with the goal to support the efficacy and effectiveness of Functional Medicine, and are thankful for Founder and CEO Priya Kamani’s vision to make this happen.