Eczema and Psoriasis

I want to welcome you to this incredible opportunity to organize your health like you never have before! My name is Jennifer Fugo, MS and I am excited to share this free gift (with no strings attached) in collaboration with Dr. Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO of LivingMatrix. We both feel confident that after getting your health information organized to create a visual picture and an easy-to-follow timeline, you will be more empowered to speak with a doctor about your health.

Please read over the following information and then get ready to create one of the most amazing tools for yourself (and your doctors) that could help identify root causes, triggers, and issues that may be otherwise be overlooked or forgotten. It turns out that events that may have occurred at birth, in childhood or sometimes even health status of your mother may influence your health trajectory much later in life. In addition, you may find that critical life events correlate with the appearance of issues or symptoms and that you or your provider may not have made these connections before to help identify missing pieces of your health puzzle.

We are confident that you will keep this in your files for years to come and use this when you speak with a doctor or other practitioner about your health. Take a few minutes to understand what this gift is: it is a unique gift and has great value in helping you and your current and future doctors get the “Big Picture.”

MyTimelineTM enables you to easily document the unfolding phenomena that lead to ill health – a process that often occurs over many years, perhaps even a lifetime. It gives you and your practitioner the “Big Picture” so you can take the necessary steps to build back your health. We give you ongoing access so you can use MyTimelineTM to document your progress and your recovery.



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What is the importance of MyTimelineTM?

Illness and disease do not appear overnight. They develop over time. Yet our health care system is not set up to accommodate this obvious fact. We pool together a pattern of symptoms, put a name on it, and call it a disease. Then, a one-size fits-all protocol is applied. When you come in with breathing problems and get a diagnosis of asthma, you get a prescription for an inhaler to help you breathe better. But what about the answers to questions “Why did I develop asthma?” or “What do I do to reduce my need for the medication?” It is the equivalent of not maintaining your car and only worrying about and dealing with it once your exhaust starts spewing black smoke. Of course we want to feel better and need our symptoms addressed. But the bigger picture – the accumulation of all the small events that have occurred – facilitates the understanding of where the disease has come from.

Our symptoms and our current state of health are an accumulation of actions, events, and environmental influences that have taken place over the course of our entire lives. Events in our distant past, even our childhood years, may provide clues to solving the puzzle and identifying the root cause. Even events that occurred at or before birth, influenced by your mother’s health years before you were born, may play a role. Scientists are discovering that our genes and the way they are expressed are influenced by what our ancestors may have experienced several generations ago. In fact, this discovery has spawned a whole new scientific discipline – epigenetics – to understand how our nutrition, lifestyle, environment, and events in our daily life influence gene expression. Imagine that somehow last winter your small backyard garden had a spill of 10 gallons of gasoline, and you didn’t know about it. In the spring your seedlings do not take root and grow, leaving you wondering “What’s wrong with these seedlings?” That’s why a “Big Picture” history is so important.

Documenting the actions, events, and environmental influences that have occurred in your life allows for the construction of meaning and a “Big Picture” view of how your body got to where it is today. This opens up a conversation between you and your practitioner.MyTimelineTM helps you and your practitioner work together, evaluate holistically, look for patterns, and find correlations/triggers/mediators. Each of us has a unique history that accumulates over time and holds the clues that can contribute significantly to creating a personalized plan to get you back to the health you want.

How do I get started?

To get started, LivingMatrix has provided you with the ability to answer a few questions and create MyTimelineTM. The questions are specific and designed to help you think about your symptoms and issues and – just as importantly – when they may have occurred. We will also ask you about key events in your life so that you can begin to see the patterns.

Once you have answered the questions, you will be able to view your interactive timeline and get the “Big Picture” of the relationships between life events, symptoms, and diagnoses. You will also have continued access to your timeline through this site to return and document your recovery as symptoms improve and you feel better.

Can I share the information with my practitioner?

Absolutely. That’s the purpose. We want you to have these tools at your fingertips to share with your Health Care Team not just when you are acutely ill and in the middle of a crisis, but also when you are getting your annual physical or health evaluation. Take a printed copy of MyTimelineTM with you to your doctor.

You can share the information in two ways:

  1. Print out a copy and keep it in a drawer/file for easy access. You can download and print the PDF report and MyTimelineTM in the future to take with you to your next practitioner visit and share the insights.
  2. Additionally, when you are with your practitioner, you can also log into the site on a computer and show them the interactive timeline.

This is FREE for you as a gift from us. There are two reasons we are making this available to everyone for free:

  1. To help you and your families get better quality health care.
  2. We want thousands of doctors – your doctors – to say “This is brilliant and very helpful,” and have them reach out to LivingMatrix and begin using this service with ALL of their patients. It will change the quality of health care.

What about data privacy and security?

Rest assured your information is safe with us. LivingMatrix uses the same state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant platform for your data as it does for our practitioners. All personally identifiable information in the portal is fully encrypted and only available to you and Jennifer Fugo, MS through the password-protected, secure Eczema-Psoriasis Portal. Your personally identifiable information that you provide in the portal is never sold, or used in anyway other than for permissible uses (example to provide customer support) governed by HIPAA regulations and privacy laws.

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What if I don’t have a practitioner? Can you connect me with a functional medicine practitioner?

Yes, simply complete the form at this page and we will be happy to connect you with a functional medicine practitioner. Click here

Eczema & Psoriasis Bundle


Jennifer Fugo, MS

Eczema and Psoriasis affect millions of people across the globe and impact not just their health, but also their daily life, relationships, ability to work, and self-confidence. Chronic skin rash autoimmune conditions like these steal away your ability to feel “normal” and do “normal activities” like merely touching water without pain!

Conventional dermatology treats these conditions predominantly from an outside-in approach typically using creams, lotions, ointments, and salves to manage the pain and discomfort brought on by flares.

The Eczema & Psoriasis Bundle was created by clinical nutritionist Jennifer Fugo, MS, CHC after experiencing debilitating eczema for 3 years. After throwing in the towel with conventional dermatology, she was able to put her eczema into remission using the principles of integrative and functional medicine.

Now she’s sharing that information and those steps with you. It’s Jennifer’s hope that you’ll not just continue to manage your symptoms and flares, but to finally triumph over these conditions once and for all so you can get back to living a normal life.