Expanding the Functional Medicine Evidence Base

LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network

LivingMatrix Founder and CEO Dr. Priya Kamani announces the launch of the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network with the aim of advancing the evidence base in personalized and functional medicine.

Introducing the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network (LM-PRN)

LivingMatrix, the leading cloud-based, clinician-designed functional medicine platform with experience spanning over 30,000 cases, has developed a practice-based research network developed to advance the study and research of functional approaches to chronic disease. The goal is to advance the functional medicine evidence base.

LivingMatrix Practitioner Research NetworkBuilding a strong functional medicine evidence base

In collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), the global leader in functional medicine education, LivingMatrix is used by over 600 functional medicine practitioners in eighteen countries. We, like the IFM, have made advancing the functional medicine evidence base a high priority, and we believe that establishing the LM-PRN will benefit the entire industry and remove barriers that exist in advancing functional medicine research.

We are incredibly excited and proud to announce the launch of the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network (LM-PRN), a formal practice-based research network of functional medicine practitioners and practices. Arguably one of the fastest growing areas of medicine, well-established as a science-based clinical approach, and with significant investments in research including organizations like the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, we recognize the opportunity to expand and advance the published functional medicine evidence base.

The opportunity for the functional medicine industry and for practitioners

Our goal is to assist research organizations and industry participants interested in research and make the process as efficient and effective as possible. LivingMatrix effectively addresses challenges and barriers by providing:

  • Standardized data collection
  • Practitioner adherence to the functional medicine model
  • Efficient identification of suitable Practices and Practitioners based on study needs
  • Built-in Patient Reported Outcomes Measures e.g. PROMIS-10
  • Customizable options for study forms and reports
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant platform

The LM-PRN is an exciting opportunity for practitioner members to participate in research collaborations, contribute to the functional medicine evidence base, build industry recognition and grow credibility for their practices including:

  • Recognition as a thought leader and contributor to the evolution and mainstream acceptance of Functional Medicine.
  • Opportunities to become published in small and large-scale research studies
  • Access to new and emerging research data, protocols, and tools
  • Achieve special designation in a carefully curated group of research practitioners

“Evidence-based and clinically proven, functional medicine is driving critical systems changes,” says Amy R. Mack, CEO of the Institute of Functional Medicine. “We are enthusiastic about the potential for the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network to contribute significantly to this work.”

Apply to participate in the LM-PRN

Research organizations or industry participants interested in conducting research studies utilizing the LM-PRN or applying for membership can contact Dr. Priya Kamani at LM-PRN@livingmatrix.com or visit livingmatrix.com/lm-prn for more information.