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Practitioner-Patient engagement model

New to Functional Medicine?

The Practitioner-Patient engagement model by LivingMatrix is the basis of a successful and highly credible practice.

For the established practitioner

As the Functional Medicine sector grows at 30-40% YoY, LivingMatrix helps practitioners scale fast to meet demand.

For our industry partners

The LivingMatrix Research and Clinical Network is rapidly advancing the study and research of chronic disease.

An IFM Collaboration

2020 LM IFM Logo_TagIn collaboration with the Institute For Functional Medicine (IFM), LivingMatrix tackles one of the major efficiency drains faced by all Functional Medicine practitioners: patient information management.

Our job is to work with IFM thought leaders to translate tools such as the matrix and the timeline, into the digital medium. In doing so, we enable practitioners to better provide Functional Medicine in their communities and to contribute to the real-world evidence base for Functional Medicine.

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  • Monthly Payments $116 each
  • $249 One-time setup fee
  • 1 Practitioner
  • Unlimited Staff and Patients
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  • $99 per month each additional practitioner or coach

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  • $249 Setup fee
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  • $999 per year each additional practitioner or coach

Large Practice or Health

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Our shared goal with IFM is to make LivingMatrix an indispensable utility for Functional Medicine Practitioners. We begin by making the application accessible and affordable to practitioners and coaches that wish to use it.

What the Experts Say

testimonial 3

Rob Darling, MD

Former White House Physician ’96-’99, Chief Medical Officer Patronus Medical

“LivingMatrix is the industry standard for practices that are committed to delivering superior outcomes for their patients with chronic medical conditions. LivingMatrix is the only solution that facilitates the engagement of my patients in a holistic therapeutic partnership, that allows me to easily track improvements in their symptoms and outcomes. Using LivingMatrix has enabled my group to efficiently grow and scale our practice.”

testimonial 1

Kristi Hughes, ND

Director of Medical Education, Institute for Functional Medicine

“LivingMatrix is the only system that incorporates the powerful tools developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine including the questionnaires, timeline, Functional Medicine matrix and the FM prescription into the practices daily workflow. LivingMatrix is an indispensable asset, saving valuable practitioner time and enhancing patient outcomes.”

testimonial 2

P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP

Medical Director Stone Medical; Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine

“The most remarkable thing is that LivingMatrix in a very short time has built the largest, most trusted network of Functional Medicine practices that are now banding together to track patient outcomes using validated measures like PROMIS Global Health. This is now the new standard in Functional Medicine.”