I’m Excited To See You At The IFM AIC 2018 In Hollywood, FL And With A Bit Of Luck And A Little Bit Of Effort (But Not Too Much On Your Part) I May Give You Your Next Vacation Just For Signing Up And Stopping By The LivingMatrix Booth


We Are Going To Be Making Some Big Announcements At IFM AIC 2018 That Will Change How You Think About Practicing Functional Medicine And To Celebrate You And Those Changes We Are Giving Out Some Fantastic Prizes (Free Cocktails Too)!

I’m Dr. Priya Kamani, founder of LivingMatrix and my team and I are excited to see you in Florida. We are going all out this year to make 2018 the year that EVERYONE can use LivingMatrix to get data driven outcomes for their patients. Here are just a few of the great prizes you could win if you connect with us today. Please do me a favor and send an email to clairecooper@livingmatrix.com and let her know you’ll be stopping by, then come booth 600 and let us know you emailed and we’ll do the rest!

IFM MedMaster – Grand Prize – The Ultimate Vacation

$1000 Delta Airlines Gift Card

$1000 Marriott Hotel Gift Card

$500 Visa Gift Card

(One Winner, $2500 Value)

2019 AIC Prize Package

2 Nights Hotel

1 2019 AIC Registration

(One Winner – $1800 Value)

$500 Gift Certificate For Trifecta Meal Delivery Service

(Six Winners, $500 Value Each Winner)




Be sure to stop by the LivingMatrix booth, booth number 600 on Wednesday, May 30, between 5:00 – 7:00 pm for delicious cocktails (or non-alcoholic beverages). We’ll have even more prizes and you’ll be the first to hear about a program we are launching that will revolutionize data driven medicine, you won’t want to miss this!

You may already be familiar with LivingMatrix and the Functional Medicine Specific practice management software we built for you in collaboration with the IFM, but, you may not have experienced what it will do for you and your practice …yet.

Dr. Kristi Hughes on using the LivingMatrix in practice to help engage patients!

Dr. Shania Lee on how LivingMatrix helped her generate revenue for her startup practice.

Hundreds of practitioners rely on LivingMatrix daily to manage the critical interactions in their practices.

“LivingMatrix is the only system that incorporates the powerful tools developed by the Institute for Functional Medicine including the questionnaires, timeline, functional medicine matrix and the FM prescription into the practices daily workflow. LivingMatrix is an indispensable asset, saving valuable practitioner time and enhancing patient outcomes.”

Kristi Hughes, ND, Director of Medical EducationInstitute for Functional Medicine

The most remarkable thing is that LivingMatrix in a very short time has built the largest, most trusted network of functional medicine practices that are now banding together to track patient outcomes using validated measures like PROMIS Global Health. This is now the new standard in Functional Medicine.

P. Michael Stone, MD, MS, IFMCP

“LivingMatrix is the industry standard for practices that are committed to delivering superior outcomes for their patients with chronic medical conditions. LivingMatrix is the only solution that facilitates the engagement of my patients in a holistic therapeutic partnership, that allows me to easily track improvements in their symptoms and outcomes. Using LivingMatrix has enabled my group to efficiently grow and scale our practice.”

Rob Darling, MD, Former White House Physician ’96-’99, Chief Telemedicine OfficerVitalyze.Me

Experiencing Is Believing – Take LivingMatrix For A Test Run At The Show

I’d love to invite you by our booth for a quick but detailed demo of how your practice will benefit from a complete solution designed from the ground up for Functional Medicine practitioners.

Most patient management software tries to flex a traditional EMR to fit the Functional Medicine model where LivingMatrix was built with the Timeline and Matrix at the core. Managing the patient experience and data from the beginning of the patient’s engagement with you through the complete treatment process not only makes your job more efficient and effective but allows for better patient outcomes.

I Know Something About You Already, You Are Serious About Your Practice

You wouldn’t be attending an event like this if you weren’t serious about your practice.

I know that there are a lot of calls for your attention at this event, that there is a lot to learn and much to do.

But, you are already here.

To learn.

So, maximize your investment in yourself, your learning, of time and money and double down.

Learn what is POSSIBLE in your practice, for your practice while you are already here.

How Many Of These Things Are Important To You For Your Patients And Practice?

  • Automating your practice from inquiry to outcome?
  • Filling your practice with patients who NEED your help that you CAN help?
  • Creating efficiency by having a full suite of secure online patient forms?
  • A dynamic, interactive timeline that you can edit, add, customize, assign ATM, and view event detail?
  • A matrix without scribing, customizable for each patient and that allows you to graphically retell the patient story?

LivingMatrix does this and so much more.

I hope you’ll stop by the booth, say hello, and have a look for yourself. I truly believe that once you’ve experienced the power of LivingMatrix and what it can do for you, your practice, and your patients, you’ll see why so many of your peers have chosen to manage their practices with LivingMatrix.

Drop us an email today and we’ll be waiting for you.

We look forward to connecting with you.

Dr. Priya Kamani and the LivingMatrix team