LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network

Welcome to the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network (LM-PRN)

LivingMatrix has developed the largest, most robust, and
most trusted personalized and Functional Medicine network in the world.

The LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network is the first of its kind. It is a formal practice-based research network of Functional Medicine practitioners and practices.

The LM-PRN is an exciting opportunity for practitioner members to participate in research collaborations, contribute to the evidence base, build industry recognition and grow credibility for their practices including:

  • Gaining recognition as a thought leader and contributor to the evolution and mainstream acceptance of Functional Medicine
  • Opportunities to become published in small and large-scale research studies
  • Influence the direction of Functional Medicine through participation in market research and clinical studies
  • Access to new and emerging research data, protocols, and tools
  • The opportunity to achieve special designation at reaching specific levels of research participation

Every practitioner’s contribution matters.

“Though Functional Medicine is arguably one of the fastest growing areas of medicine and is well-established as a science-based clinical approach, we recognize the opportunity to expand and advance the published evidence base for personalized and Functional Medicine. Our goal is to match up seasoned practitioners with research organizations and industry partners to make the research process efficient and effective and together advance the credibility of Functional Medicine.”

– Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO, LivingMatrix

Membership is FREE!

LM-PRN is Helping Practitioners, and Patients Achieve Powerful Outcomes

By joining the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network, you’ll get the following valuable resources, whether you use the LivingMatrix software platform or not:

  • Quarterly research newsletter
  • Updates on opportunities for participation in market research, surveys, or select clinical studies
  • The potential for additional compensation
  • Participation in the Facebook research discussion group
  • Access to invitation-only events through partners
  • A badge for use on your website that identifies you as a participant in the LM-PRN

Exclusive LivingMatrix User Benefits

Also, if you are one of the more than 600 LivingMatrix platform users in over 18 countries, you’ll have additional opportunities to contribute to the future of Functional Medicine in an even more meaningful way.

  • Access to clinical trials sponsored by Industry Partners advancing Functional Medicine evidence (many with compensation)
  • Expert assistance in development and publication of case reports from your practice
  • Access to a research platform to execute a wide range of study designs and partner-specific study protocols
  • Innovate how real-world data is collected and presented to drive utility for practitioners and patients
  • Track improvements in overall patient health status and clinical course with validated research instruments
  • Promotion of expert credentialed status on LM platform

Getting Started Is Fast And Easy

To get started, fill out the form below.  Once you’ve submitted your information and our team has reviewed and confirmed your qualifications, you will be added to our newsletter list, invited to participate in the exclusive Facebook group, and updated on research opportunities as they become available. Your information will not be shared with anyone without your explicit permission.

We are excited to have you be a part of the LM-PRN!

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