Introducing the LivingMatrix Research and Clinical Network

Comprised of expert functional medicine practitioners and practices working together to advance the evidence base in functional medicine, the LivingMatrix Research and Clinical Network is rapidly advancing the study and research of chronic disease.

The LivingMatrix Research Network (LMRN) is a formal practice-based research network designed to create and promulgate real world evidence for functional medicine in collaboration with LivingMatrix practitioners, patients, and industry partners.


  • Advance the evidence base for functional medicine
  • Cost-effective access to clinical patient cohorts
  • Access to a customizable research platform
  • Ability to execute a wide range of study designs
  • Acquisition of data using validated research instruments


  • Special designation
  • Access to new and emerging research data, protocols, and tools
  • Recognition as a thought leader
  • Opportunities to become published


  • Visibility into comparative health status to similar patients
  • Track improvements of overall health status and clinical course with validated research instruments
  • Potential economic incentives for participation in specific studies

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