Empowering Personalized, Therapeutic Partnerships to Effectively Address Chronic Conditions

Life-Changing Positive Outcomes

As a functional medicine practitioner, creating successful patient outcomes are the reason you do what you do. Like most of us, you were inspired to do this sometimes difficult work to make a difference in the quality and course of people’s lives. The good news is that successful patient outcomes are also the foundation of business success for your functional medicine practice – a refreshing happenstance that aligns the incentives for both you and your Patients.

  • Get a comprehensive picture of your patient’s health and history with visual patterns
  • Understand the full health trajectory with sequential tracking of MSQs and PROMIS Global Health scores
  • Practitioners save over an hour per patient on the initial evaluation by using the LivingMatrix platform
  • Reduce the use of paper in your practice and improve your carbon footprint
  • Receive new research and clinical trial data from the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network

Active Patient Engagement

Practices vary across Functional Medicine practitioners, and LivingMatrix is flexible enough to support any business model, from classic to blended to tele-health. Take it from Dr. Christopher Mote, DO, DC near Denver Colorado: the LivingMatrix platform is not limited to cash-paying patients. You can use it with any complex patient who needs health transformation, and glean a lifetime of information in about 40 minutes.

Growing your practice?

Here’s what to expect from LivingMatrix.

  • Tools to create a steady flow of leads and referrals
  • Scalable system to address chronic conditions
  • IFM-licensed Matrix and Timeline approach
  • More time available for getting to know your patients better
  • Proactive treatment for faster time to healthy

Need patients?

LivingMatrix can help.

  • Create value by offering the latest technology in your service packages
  • Innovate the patient experience and increase likelihood of positive outcomes
  • Streamline your patient intake process
  • Generate new patient leads
  • Commit to sustainable and green business practices

[Webinar] Build a Successful Practice

Get the competitive strategies and tools you need to accelerate and scale your functional medicine practice. Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to differentiate your functional medicine practice
  • What makes a prospective patient take action from your online marketing
  • The calls to action that offers extreme value to patients and does double duty to make your patient intake more efficient
  • A proven method for improving patient outcomes
  • Turn-key solutions for generating a flow of referrals to your practice
Accelerate and Scale Your Functional Medicine Practice

Find out what LivingMatrix will do for your practice!

“There are several things that LivingMatrix brings to the Functional Medicine providers. It automates the thought processes that you need to learn the FM Model. It allows you to capture the data from the patient intake to feed the Timeline which saves us time, money and effort…It is a helpful tool because you can use the data and reports as an educational experience for your patients…LivingMatrix has saved me 30-45 minutes per patient, it is a must have!”

Betty Murray, CNS, IFMCP
Dallas, Texas