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The cloud-based LivingMatrix patient information management system helps functional medicine practitioners engage patients in high-quality, personalized, therapeutic partnerships.

Provide life-changing patient experiences while optimizing your practice management.




Growing your practice?

Here’s what to expect from LivingMatrix.

  • Tools to create a steady flow of leads and referrals
  • Scalable system to address chronic conditions
  • IFM-licensed Matrix and Timeline approach
  • More time available for getting to know your patients better
  • Proactive treatment for faster time to healthy

Need patients?

We can help.

  • Create value by offering the latest technology in your service packages
  • Innovate the patient experience and increase likelihood of positive outcomes
  • Streamline your patient intake process
  • Generate new patient leads
  • Commit to sustainable and green business practices

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What Will Living Matrix Do For Your Practice?

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