The Promise of PROMIS

New Addition To The LivingMatrix Platform Accelerates Standardized Data Collection And Collection Of Validated Patient Reported Outcomes For All Practices

Strengthening the Evidence Base is a critical strategic initiative for the entire Functional Medicine Industry. LivingMatrix is leading the charge with the recent addition of the PROMIS Global Health Questionnaire into the LivingMatrix platform and making it available to all practices. PROMIS gives practitioners and patients an easy to use, standardized data collection tool that visually demonstrates measurable improvement in patient health status, facilitates communication with patients and allows comparison to other populations with chronic conditions. Also, practitioners gain credibility with their peers and can more readily participate in research studies by following best practices and also the lead of organizations like the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.

Learn how you can incorporate PROMIS into your practice.


PROMIS stands for

Patient Reported Outcome Measures Information System

PROMIS is a publicly available global health assessment tool that was developed, validated and is administered using NIH funding. It was designed to assess functional status in various clinical cohorts and delivers measurements of symptoms, functioning and healthcare-related quality of life.

According to Dr. Patrick Hanaway, Research Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine​, there are several aspects to consider when looking at the overall outcome of a patient​ with PROMIS:

  • ​Function​: How ​is the patients doing​ and functioning in life? ​Is the patient improving?
  • ​Symptoms​: ​How many symptoms does the patient have? Are the symptoms ​improving?
  • ​​Patient Activation​:​ ​How ready is the ​patient​ for change​?​

T​ogether, these ​three aspects help us to define the true outcomes for an individual​,​ looking at the outcome of the whole person, not just individual disease.

Functional medicine has long needed a tool like PROMIS to be able to accurately and consistently​ ​have a ​standardized ​format for reporting ​patient data and outcomes. ​LivingMatrix has effectively integrated ​PROMIS ​into the daily work-flow of the practice.

Join the LivingMatrix community and engage your patients in high-quality, personalized, therapeutic partnerships that lead to superior outcomes and result in a steady flow of referrals to your practice. Be a part of the fastest growing, data-driven network in Functional Medicine and actively participate in building the Functional Medicine Evidence Base.

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Dr. Priya Kamani, founder, and CEO of LivingMatrix says “LivingMatrix is committed to advancing functional medicine, we have powerful testimonials from patients of the often life-changing benefits they receive from seeing functional medicine practitioners. Now with the incorporation of PROMIS, we will be able to show objective improvements in patient health status. We can present the evidence to our colleagues in the scientific and medical community and also share this valuable data with the general public, accelerating the already brisk demand for Functional Medicine.”