Pure Encapsulations

At LivingMatrix we have made it our mission to to efficiently & effectively engage your patients so you can get the best outcomes for your patients.

Creating a personalized or individualized plan for the patient is key to creating the therapeutic partnership, but can take significant time. As you know recently we introduced templates in FM Prescription and have worked with the IFM to make key documents from the toolkit available to you right in LivingMatrix.

Taking it to the next level we are working with our partners to develop content and pre-built templates to further speed up the process of creating a personalized FM prescription incorporating the modifiable lifestyle factors including Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Sleep etc.

As you know 75% of functional medicine patients are women and their average age is mid-40s. Weight and menopausal and peri-menopausal issues are frequent chief concerns that bring them to functional medicine.

Pure Encapsulations developed the PureLean and PureWoman Supplement Protocols to play an important role in addressing these issues. We have partnered with Pure to bring these protocols to you at the point of care. In addition we have further augmented the protocols with pre-built lifestyle recommendations. As always you are in control and all of the information is easily editable and customizable, add, edit or remove items with ease.

Watch the videos from the protocol creators Dr. Caroline Cederquist (PureLean) and Dr. Felice Gersh (PureWoman) and then check out the instruction video below to see how to access them in LivingMatrix.




Dr. Felice Gersh speaks about the PureWoman Protocol

How to use Protocols in LivingMatrix

Dr. Caroline Cederquist speaks about the PureLean Protocol


Felice Gersh, MD

Dr. Felice Gersh recognized early on that treating gynecological problems properly required an in-depth understanding of the entire body; organs work in concert with other organs and do not exist in isolation.